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Intubation Rodeo 2019: Scholarships Available

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7 Dec 2018

Intubation Rodeo 2019

Intubation Rodeo
January 19, 2019
Crystal River, Florida

The Intubation Rodeo Symposium offers 4 hours of education in one of the most at-risk skills in pre-hospital medicine: adult and pediatric intubation. Participants will be exposed to difficult patients and scenario-based skills education in high-risk pediatric patients.

Target Audience: All healthcare providers whose scope of practice includes endotrachial intubation.

Scholarships covering the cost of registration are available for 30 participants on first-come, first-serve basis. Please use this form to apply. Please note all other expenses (i.e. hotel room) are not included in this scholarship. The scholarship only applies for 2019 registration.

Submit your scholarship application and/or register here: https://www.naturecoastems.org/education.php
Click “ENROLL” and for payment method, “Requesting Scholarship”

The Intubation Rodeo Symposium offers a unique opportunity for paramedics, EMS fellows, respiratory therapists, paramedic students, etc. to improve their skills with some of the most challenging intubation scenarios. Some studies present data that field paramedics have an intubation fail rate of 25% on adults. However, the fail rate for pediatrics is almost twice that rate.

In EMS systems where paramedics only see low numbers of intubations per paramedic, training is vital. Not only is the ability to perform under pressure important, but also that it’s performed correctly. Rural counties especially have lower intubation numbers.

One of the many problems with intubation training is that when paramedics are allowed in the OR, they are only allowed to intubate patients with “perfect” airways. Potentially difficult airways are not attempted until the paramedic is on their own in the field, yielding bad outcomes and increasing the perception that paramedics can’t intubate effectively.

Pediatric ETI offers unique challenges not seen in the adult patient. Participants at the last Intubation Rodeo all stated that their skill improved because of this event.

Register Now: https://www.naturecoastems.org/education.php