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FCEP Committees

EMpulse/Journal Committee

Chair: Karen Estrine, DO, FACEP (Editor-in-chief)
FCEP Board Liaison: Jordan Celeste, MD

– Ensure EMpulse serves needs of FCEP readers and any other identified constituencies
– Work in conjunction with staff to seek and review articles, and ensure deadlines are met

Staff Liaison:  Samantha League


FCEP Board of Directors Representative:   Shayne Gue, MD
FCEP Board Liaison:   Jay Rao, MD, FACEP
EM Program Director Liaison:Jordan Celeste, MD

– Primary goal: to increase resident engagement and facilitate the development of a more well-rounded EM resident by expanding resident education on the following:
– Current critical issues in organized emergency medicine (Affordable Care Act, ACOs, ARNP Scope of Practice, GME funding, etc.)
– Opportunities to get actively involved in FCEP/FEMF which may include but are not limited to FCEP committees, educational program planning, national EMRA, and national ACEP.
– “Business of Medicine” education as is done via FCEP’s “Life after Residency” curriculum.
– Facilitate networking and mentoring opportunities for professional development
– Stimulate inter-program collaboration and communication
– Provide a resident voice at the FCEP Board of Directors
– Encourage increased resident participation on FCEP/FEMF Committees
– Participate in FCEP sponsored educational activities including but not limited to Emergency Medicine – Days and Symposium by the Sea program planning

Download the 2017-18 EMRAF Scholarship Application

Download the 2017-18 EMRAF Scholarship Criteria

Staff Liaison:  Niala Ramoutar

EMS/Trauma Committee

Co-Chair:  Christine Van Dillen, MD
Co-Chair:  Desmond Fitzpatrick, MD

– EMS protocol clearinghouse (including EMS Falls Prevention)
– Backboard project
– Investigate the mechanics EMS exclusion
– Impact of drug shortages on EMS
– Seek Florida Statutory language identifying State EMS Medical Director

Staff Liaison:  Melissa Keahey

FCEP/FEMF Education & Academic Affairs Committee

Co-Chair: Josef Thundiyil, MD, MPH, FACMT, FACEP
Co-Chair: Jay Ladde, MD,FACEP

– Define/Assess the educational needs of the EM and EMS community in the state of Florida.
– Identify program areas/topics/ventures that facilitate the educational needs of the EM and EMS community.
– Support the expansion of EM and EMS academic growth in the state of Florida.
– Facilitate FEMF/FCEP staff in the maintenance of organizational accreditation with its various accrediting authorities.
– Support the development and expansion of a research consortium in the state of Florida.
– Encourage growth of new young speakers/faculty in emergency medicine.

Staff Liaison:  Niala Ramoutar

FCEP/FEMF Joint Finance Committee

Members: FCEP President – Joel Stern, MD, FACEP; J. Adrian Tyndall, MD, FACEP; FEMF; Sanjay Pattani, MD, FACEP; Michael Lozano, Jr., MD, FACEP; Ernest Page, MD, FACEP; Jay Falk, MD, MCCM, FACEP

Objectives: To monitor all finances of FCEP/FEMF; shall make recommendations to the respective Boards on any financial issues that may impact either FCEP or FEMF.  Per bylaws, each Board ultimately has fiduciary responsibility for respective organization.

Staff Liaison:   Julie Gardell

FCEP/FHA Free Standing ED Committee

Chair: Tony Gandia, MD

– Identify data/information sharing activities for the FSED members
– Collaborate with AHCA on any areas that would enhance access to quality patient care

Staff Liaison:   Beth Brunner/FHA Kim Streit

FCEP Finance Committee

Chair: FCEP Secretary/Treasurer Sanjay Pattani, MD, FACEP
Members:  President – Joel Stern, MD, FACEP, FAAEM; FCEP Past-President – Jay Falk, MD, MCCM, FACEP; FCEP President-Elect J. Adrian Tyndall, MD, FACEP; Member-at-Large – Chuck Duva, MD, FACEP; FCEP Executive Director Beth Brunner as Ex-Officio

Objectives per Bylaws:
– Annual review of financial performance of FCEP
– Present proposed budget
– Monitor and make recommendations to the Board on FCEP investments
– Monitor and update FCEP Financial Policies/Procedures for Board approval

Staff Liaison:  Julie Gardell

Government Affairs Committee

Co-Chair:  Sanjay Pattani, MD, FACEP
Co-Chair:  Damian Caraballo, MD, FACEP

– Track challenge to med mal caps / action plan as dictated by courts
– Track procedural sedation / action plan as dictated by BON
– Campaign fund distribution lists / plans / fundraising
– Formulate legislative objectives – likely things to come up
– SI
– Medicaid reform
– Risk retention / insurance reform
– Balance billing
– Baker Act
– State and national congressional visits
Staff Liaison:  Beth Brunner


Florida Chapter of International Trauma Life Support, a global organization dedicated to comprehensive trauma training and education

Staff Liason: Kim Palm

Medical Economics Committee

Chair: Daniel Brennan, MD, FACEP

– Follow up with AHCA / OIR for out-of-network payments
– Medicaid reform / ACO
– Identify regulatory items that may impact provider payment (i.e. head CT)
– Strategic plan for VBP / impact to EM
– Review established task force(s) / information on ACOs and formulate plan for information distribution to our members

Staff Liaison:  Beth Brunner

Medical Student Committee

Chair: Robin Hoelle, MD, FACEP

– Increase medical student involvement in FCEP
– Create and sustain Mentor/Mentee Program

Staff Liaison:  Niala Ramoutar

Membership & Professional Development Committee

Chair:  René Mack, MD

– Analyze membership data, including composition, data and segmentation.
– Review membership demographics and support diversity initiatives.
– Review strategies to recruit and retain medical students, residents and fellows.
– Promote Leadership Academy/Promote participation
– Provide input on history preservation initiatives.
– Membership engagement project – 600 ABEM non ACEP members in FL
– Develop a speakers bureau
– Promote Symposium by the Sea to membership
– Establish a protocol clearinghouse
– Opioid
– Procedural sedation

Staff Liaison:  Beth Brunner

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee

Co-Chair:  John Misdary, MD, FACEP
Co-Chair:  Todd Wylie, MD

– Identify collaborative Peds/EM programs to increase Pediatric EM involvement in FCEP
– Identify educational opportunities for EMS and EM
– Collaborate with Florida’s EMSC Program
– Support FCEP/FEMF Pediatric related grants

Staff Liaison:  Evan Buckley