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The Florida College of Emergency Physicians (FCEP) is the most progressive Emergency Medicine organization in Florida.

FCEP was provided its charter in 1972 by ACEP to form a separate independent chapter. Dr. William Haeck, FCEP’s first president, worked diligently to form the membership of FCEP, which would grow into the hundreds in the early 70s. Today, there are over 1,500 practicing emergency physicians in Florida who see and treat close to 7 million patients each year. This number will continue to grow with 14 emergency medicine residency programs in Florida.

FCEP represents the interests of all patients by identifying legislative and regulatory priorities each year to address in the Florida House and Senate. We represent the practicing emergency physicians on reimbursement issues, PIP, ACO’s, trauma, injury prevention, and EMS to name a few. FCEP has a demonstrated track record of protecting the rights of patients and the profession of emergency medicine. There are many FCEP committees through which members can get involved.

In 1990, FCEP leaders had the wisdom to create a sister organization – Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation (FEMF) – which would serve as the educational arm to FCEP. FCEP and FEMF work in partnership to identify and provide cutting edge educational programs to the broad based emergency medicine community, including simulation education.

The Florida College of Emergency Physicians exists to promote high quality emergency medical care, to empower emergency physicians and to protect the patients they serve.

To support and promote the health and safety of the public by providing the emergency physician community with the necessary tools to ensure the availability and delivery of quality emergency care.

FCEP values…

*   Distinction
*   Organizational Transparency
*   Sense of Responsibility
*   Education
*   Integrity