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Dear Supporters of Emergency Medicine:

2018 is a very important election year in Florida. What happens in this election will shape the future of Florida politics for several years. The FCEP Political Committees (PC) need your help to ensure we can continue to fight for emergency physician rights and combat detrimental legislation which impedes on the patient-physician relationship.

Our ability to advocate for pro-emergency medicine legislation will heavily impact how we practice medicine in Florida for several years to come. If you’re sick of outside entities dictating how to practice medicine, now is the time to do something about it and have your voice heard.

The truth is, due to the nature of modern U.S. politics, we need money to support a physician-friendly agenda. Did you know that health professionals currently rank 13th in terms of money given for lobbying? We rank behind Big Pharma, the Trial Bar, insurers, hospitals, and even realtors and educators. It is no coincidence that increased physician burn-out and loss of autonomy in recent years has coincided with increased health-lobbying efforts by outside groups. It is only through our advocacy efforts that we will be able to take our profession back.

In Florida, emergency physicians are supported by two FCEP PCs:

  • Physicians for Emergency Care (PEC): for individual physicians
  • Emergency Care for Florida (ECFF): for physician-group donations

Together, they make up the largest and most-influential emergency physician lobby in the state.

Now is the time to re-empower Florida emergency physicians. We will continue to fight for emergency physicians against incursions by insurance companies, the Trial Bar, and other non-physician entities which encroach on patient care and fair compensation.

For just $150, you will become an FCEP-PC member, and take the first steps in laying the ground work for our practice in the next 5-10 years. We cannot stress how important an investment this is towards how we practice emergency medicine in Florida. Please give to the PC today and contribute to the fight for Florida emergency physicians!

Key Victories From Last Legislative Session:

  • FCEP led the charge to kill the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Bill, which would have overturned No-Fault PIP auto-insurance in favor of a Bodily Injury Provision. The House version of the bill would have removed a mandatory carve-out for EMTALA-providers who see auto-accident victims. By ORMC data, this would have cost Emergency Physician groups as much as 2-5% in lost revenue (totaling millions of dollars in lost in reimbursements)!
  • The Opioid Overdose legislation initially had a hard-cap on all opioid prescriptions at 3 days. We were able to negotiate for more reasonable provisions and exclusions which would have tied up ED resources. FCEP is also one of the leading state groups in the Florida Opioid Taskforce.
  • FCEP also led the charge for initiating an EDIE-system in Florida, which will be the first step to link EHR data and prescriptions in several unconnected hospital systems throughout Florida.
  • FCEP successfully advocated to kill a bill which would have allowed pharmacists to practice medicine by diagnosing and treating influenza and strep throat.
  • FCEP has been the leading advocating body fighting insurance claw-back provisions and petitioning AHCA and the Legislature about predatory Health Insurance practices.


Donate Now

Send the text “FCEPPC” to “41444”

Mail a check to:
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Contributions to political committees are not tax deductible.