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FCEP Councillor Requirements

19 Feb 2019

FCEP Councillor Requirements

Interested in serving as an FCEP councillor? Read the requirements here:


Section 1. The Chapter shall have one (1) Councillor to the ACEP Council, plus one (1) additional Councillor for each one hundred (100) members of the Chapter. The President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past- President will automatically serve as Councillors. A notice will be sent to all Chapter members in January, following ACEP’s verification of Councillor allocation, soliciting nominations and applications for Councillor positions. Candidates must meet the following criteria:

a. Member of the Chapter.

b. Active involvement in Chapter as evidenced by committee membership and/or attendance at the meetings of the Board of Directors.

c. Plans to attend Councillor meetings for two (2)-year term.

d. Councillors will be elected at Spring Board meeting. Councillors will be elected for two (2)-year term with term beginning immediately upon election. Alternate Councillors will be chosen from those not elected for Councillor positions. Additionally, the President may appoint a Member of the Chapter to be an Alternate Councillor after the Spring Board Meeting if that Member meets the criteria of a Councillor candidate. Should a Councillor be unable to attend a Council meeting, then the remaining Councillors will select the Alternate Councillor to be seated in his/her place. Should a Councillor resign or be elected to office that is a designated Councillor, then the remaining Councillors will elect an alternate Councillor to fill the unexpired term. If there are no alternate Councillors available to be seated, then the Executive Committee shall have the right to name Alternate Councillors to be seated or designated as Councillors.

e. Any Councillor or Alternate Councillor may be removed from office with or without cause by a three-quarters (3/4) majority vote of the members of the Board present and voting at any meeting of the Board. A vacancy created by removal from office shall be filled for the remainder of the Councillor’s or Alternate Councillor’s term by a majority vote of the Board members present and voting at the Board meeting at which the removal occurred.

f. Councillors have no term limits and may run for consecutive terms.

g. During ACEP Council meetings at which the President of the Chapter is serving as a Councillor, the President shall preside over the Chapter’s delegation of Councillors.

h. Councillors and Alternate Councillors representing the chapter at the national ACEP Annual Council meeting are expected to attend all officially scheduled meetings of the Council including reference committees and breakout sessions and officially scheduled meetings of the Chapter. They are to familiarize themselves with the resolutions and the chapter’s position on each resolution prior to attending the national meeting. They are to provide feedback to the rest of the Chapter delegation from each assigned reference committee with respect to resolutions assigned to them. It is preferable that Councillors and Alternate Councillors are engaged in Chapter and Board activities throughout the year to best reflect the will of the Chapter members.

Interested members should email Executive Director Beth Brunner at bbrunner@emlrc.org with a letter of interest by April 1, 2019.