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Cries for help; maneuvering through carnage; wails of heartbreak from grieving loved ones; being held at gunpoint – these are all instances that the average individual would equate with the makings of the “worst day of their lives” but in reality these situations are all typical occurrences in the lives of our emergency medicine providers. What happens when our everyday heroes need support? When these haunting situations preoccupy your mind to the point that it begins to change you – the images you cannot erase and the calls you cannot shake combined with the demands of marriage, family, finances, and daily life take its toll. How do we help save YOU, our lifesavers, and eliminate the stigma of weakness that is associated with an admission that help is needed?

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The Emergency Medicine Learning and Resource Center’s Empowering our Heroes – Promoting & Preserving Mental Wellness in EMS series serves to improve knowledge within the EMS community regarding the critical issue of mental wellness. Funded via by an educational grant from the Florida Department of Health, each presentation within the series will be created by experts in the field of emergency medicine and EMS as they approach the topic from an awareness standpoint rather than a diagnostic one.

Below is a listing of the courses to be featured in FCEP & EMLRC’s Empowering our Heroes – Promoting & Preserving Mental Wellness in EMS series:

EMS Wellness…Where are We?

EMS Wellness…Where are We?
Presented by Kristin McCabe-Kline, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, ACHE & Robert Brandon, EMT

Unfortunately, this presentation is no longer available. Please stay tuned to EMLRC.org to find out how to access it in the future.

Need to claim your Continuing Education (CE) credits for this webinar? Please contact EMLRC’s Clinical Education Scheduler Evan Buckley at ebuckley@emlrc.org.

Unexpected Nightmares

Unexpected Nightmares
Available through April 11, 2018
Presented by Benjamin Vernon, FF/PM, HIRT, TRT
Hosted via ReadyTalk

Benjamin Vernon, a paramedic with San Diego Fire Rescue recalls the events of being attacked and stabbed on duty and describes the hurdles of recovering from PTSD. During this powerful session, he will explain the exact definition of post-traumatic stress disorder and explain the importance of mental wellness for first responders.  


For more information on the playback webinar and continuing education information, click here!

Suicides of EMS Providers: Increasing awareness and how to help before it's too late!

Suicides of EMS Providers: Increasing awareness and how to help before it’s too late!
April 17, 2018 at 1pm EST
Presented by Andrea Zickmund, NREMT-P/FF
Hosted via ReadyTalk

Suicide is an ever-increasing problem in the EMS world.  The presenter comes from the experience of losing 2 EMT partners in one year due to suicide and has a deep passion for increasing the awareness of this problem to not only EMS providers but the families and friends of THE EMS PROVIDER!  This lecture will discuss the importance of really knowing what kind of career the EMS provider is getting into, talking about the stereotypes of EMS providers and how to change it and the importance of watching for the signs and symptoms of the EMS provider who is having difficulty dealing with the stress and getting them help before it’s too late.  


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