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Life Saving Education For Lifesavers!


This two-day conference will bring together Emergency Medicine leaders from across the U.S. who are preparing to address the new world of healthcare delivery and payment reform. This summit will focus on future practice model innovation to address new payment risk models, government regulations, coordination of patient care, outcomes, quality measures, cost control and related issues. It will allow for interaction among attendees to create and amplify solutions to payment reform and to share learned knowledge externally within the Emergency Medicine community.

  • Illustrate the financial ramifications of governmental revenue reform, political and regulatory issues, clinical practice innovations, data collection and government reporting, and demand for changes in care delivery models in emergency medicine.
  • Describe and differentiate imminent changes in reimbursement and healthcare practice models driven by
  • Federal law and regulations focused on decreasing costs of care,
  • Competing agendas among payers (employers, CMS and commercial carriers), hospital systems, physicians, other providers, and consumers/patients;
  • Define HHS/CMS reimbursement laws and regulations.
  • Review innovative coordinated care practice models addressing quality measures, cost saving solutions and related opportunities.
Target Audience:
State and national EM leadership including:
  • EM group business leaders
  • Practice management companies
  • Revenue cycle management companies
  • ED Medical Directors
  • EMS leaders
  • Academic institution leaders
  • Hospital executives
  • Nursing leadership
  • All with an interest in becoming change agents and entrepreneurial implementers