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About LCI, MCI, Oh My!: A review of prehospital hemorrhage control, disaster, and mass casualty management

We all recognize and are adjusting to the new normal: a world where large casualty incidents (LCIs) are almost daily occurrences. Events such as the Las Vegas music festival shooting, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria are some recent examples of LCIs.

Beyond being notable, these events have revealed the varied types of unpredictable environments in which major traumatic cases of hemorrhage can occur. Delayed evacuation times, scarcity of resources and size of the bleed further highlight the need for EMS personnel to be prepared and knowledgeable about early hemorrhage control.

In effort to best prepare EMS providers for mass casualty incidents (MCIs), the Florida Association of EMS Medical Directors (FAEMSMD) and the Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center (EMLRC) have created LCI, MCI, Oh My!: A review of prehospital hemorrhage control, disaster, and mass casualty management. In this webinar series, experts in the fields of emergency medicine, EMS and trauma will review hemorrhage control and care at LCIs and MCIs – manmade or natural – along with the basics of MCI care, care under fire and victim extraction. This unique series is one of the few that focuses solely on MCI hemorrhage control techniques for prehospital providers.

This webinar series is funded by an educational grant from the Florida Department of Health.


Quick, Stop the Bleeding!
Methods of Achieving Rapid Hemostasis

By Michael Marchick, MD, FACEP
1 hour | 1.0 CE
Accredited by ACCME | FBON | FPA | CAPCE
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About: This lecture will provide an overview of techniques, equipment and agents available to emergency clinicians for achieving the most rapid hemostasis possible for patients. An update on methods of reversal of anticoagulants, including the novel oral anticoagulants, will be provided.

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