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EMLRC building-02Leadership Academy ImageEstablished in 1990, the Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center (EMLRC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting public health through the advancement of emergency medicine, disaster management and pre-hospital emergency care through the provision of educational and research programs. Our focus is on providing continuing educational opportunities, which includes education for health care providers within the integrated health care delivery system. EMLRC programs address a broad scope of educational content, including emergency medicine, emergency medical services (EMS), emergency nursing, disaster planning and response services, public health and education for all physicians, and allied health providers with an interest in emergency medicine.

The Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center provides continuing education to more than 5,000 of the nation’s emergency care providers each year, and we strive to increase that number as we work with the Florida College of Emergency Physicians, and the rest of the emergency medicine community, to support and promote the health and safety of the public by providing the necessary tools to ensure the availability and delivery of quality emergency care.