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Lightning, Tractors and Gators…Oh My! – Florida’s Environmental Emergencies

Florida is a top tourist destination as it provides visitors with a unique vacation experience.  The lightning capital of the United States and the state with the most number of sharks, Florida is also home to numerous plants and animals both indigenous and non-indigenous. From beaches to forestry, alligators to amoebas, farming to tourism, each unique characteristic about Florida also carries with it a particular set of medical needs. The frequency of encountering a victim who’s been maimed in a farming accident, attacked by an alligator, bitten by a snake or poisoned after touching a toxic coral while scuba diving are not typical occurrences and are dependent on the locale of the emergency medicine professional. In all of these instances, timely assessment, treatment and management is critical.  The Florida College of Emergency Physicians and the Emergency Medicine Learning and Resource Center’s Lightning, Tractors and Gators…Oh My! – Florida’s Environmental Emergencies series is a collection of lectures that reviews different topics within the realm of environmental and wilderness medicine specific to Florida. Funded via by an educational grant from the Florida Department of Health, each lecture will be created by experts in the field of emergency medicine, toxicology and/or environmental medicine and review the following but not limited to: manifestations; presentations; and on-site treatment of a particular environmental and wilderness emergency. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Agricultural-related injuries
  • Marine Envenomations
  • Land Envenomations
  • Water-related emergencies
  • Non-venomous Animal Encounters
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Heat-related emergencies
  • Poisonous plants

Below is a listing of the courses to be featured in FCEP & EMLRC’s  Lightning, Tractors and Gators…Oh My! – Florida’s Environmental Emergencies series:

Drowning Resuscitation

Drowning Resuscitation 
Presented by Andrew Schmidt, DO, MPH

Unfortunately, this presentation is no longer available. Please stay tuned to EMLRC.org to find out how to access it in the future.

Need to claim your Continuing Education (CE) credits for this webinar? Please contact EMLRC’s Clinical Education Scheduler Evan Buckley at ebuckley@emlrc.org.